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Your privacy is important to us.

This website is owned and operated by Vanns Spices, LTD.

This Privacy Policy only pertains to the Vanns Spices website and it's affiliated alias domains and does not cover links, or advertisements by third party vendors or advertisers that may appear on the site.

Last modified: September 11, 2015

Information and Collection
Vanns Spice collects personal information when you send us email, purchase products from our website, or by submitting any of the other forms on our website which require you to submit basic personal information. None of the information we collect from you is given, sold or traded to any other companies, advertisers or persons. All information remains in house and is used in future communications with you, including special announcements, promotions and the sending of information you request from Vanns Spices.

The Vanns Spices website may set cookies on your machine. Certain features such as the e-commerce portion of our site may require that cookies be set in order to complete the purchase process. No data or aggregate data collected from the cookies we set are shared with anyone outside of Vanns Spices. Visitors to the Vanns Spices website that disable the use of cookies (in their browser) are not able to purchase products from our website.

HTML 5 Storage
The Vanns Spices website does use HTML Storage which allows us to store named key/value pairs locally, with the client web browser. Like cookies, this data persists even after you navigate away from the web site, close your browser tab, or exit your browser. Unlike cookies, this data is never transmitted to the remote web server.

Credit Card Data
Vanns Spices does not record or store credit card data on our server. Credit card and personal data is transmitted to (Stripe) using SSL (secure sockets layer) which is the industry standard for encrypting personal data during e-commerce transactions. Employees of Vanns Spices do not have access to the credit card number (except for the last four digits) you submit in order to complete an e-commerce transaction. No credit card data is transmitted or sent via email.

Email Communications
Vanns Spices may maintain your email address in a database for future correspondence from the company. Your email address will not be sold, traded or given to any parties outside of Vanns spices.

Data Collection
Vanns Spices does collect basic information on each user to visit our website through the use of Google Analytics. The includes information such as, browser type/version, operating system, referring site, search engine referral, etc. The data we analyze does not contain any personal identifiable information. Please read Google's privacy policy for additional information on the type of information that is collected. Vanns Spices also collects and stores information such as browser type/version, operating system, IP address, referring site, search engine referral, etc., through the use of server logs. Information collected from the server logs is used for internal use only. The data we analyze does not contain any personal identifiable information

Changes to this Privacy Policy
Vanns Spices may amend or change policies written in this Security Policy. If the changes significantly alter this Security Policy, we may email you notifying you of the changes. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact us at our corporate office.

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