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For over 30 years Vanns Spices has been satisfying the Private Label spice needs of some of the most selective retailers and foodservice industries in the country.

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80% of consumers agree that retail brands offer as good or better quality compared to their national brand counterparts. — Source IRI

Private labeling offers our customers exclusive and effective branding of their name to promote customer loyalty while maximizing image.

Maintaining your own brand affords pricing flexibility, increased value and a greater profit margin. Our growing Private Label clientele appreciate the ability to harness their customer loyalty and goodwill, while being able to adapt their image and product assortment to new trends in their markets.

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Private label


We have over 350 of the finest spices, herbs and blends ready for your brand, or we can create your own signature recipe.

  1. Increase customer loyalty with your own brand
  2. Increase your profit margins
  3. Deliver bolder, cleaner & more complex flavors.
  4. Greater pricing control with superior value
  5. Optimize your label as a premium brand
  6. Consistently high quality for more than 30 years

Private label


Ideation & Discovery

We work with you to develop your signature look and feel. You may choose from over 350 of our spices and blends or create your own.


With finalized artwork we move into print production. Our in-house printing can save money and enable you to expand your product offering at any time.

Production & Printing

Through a combination of quality control, flavor profiling, food safety and taste, our private label products satisfy the most demanding retailer and discerning consumers.

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