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Vanns Spices can package your custom blend or our own spice products in extensive range of retail, foodservice and bulk packaging.

Additionally we can portion pack products to your specifications. For smaller bags we offer our high speed, form-fill manufacturing process to package product. Bigger packaging needs are processed using a heat seal procedure or tied bags. Prepared products can be shipped direct to smaller stores. For larger stores, orders can ship direct or to a preferred distributor.

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Recipe Formulation
Vanns Spices has a streamlined recipe formulation process. We provide consistency in each batch using best quality raw materials. Our skilled staff will guide you from recipe formulation to manufacturing execution, in a seamless, cost effective process.

Our plant uses an automated production process to minimize waste and bring products to market in the most cost effective manner possible. We are able to make many products with various types of packaging.

Product Packaging
We are able to supply customers with a wide range of quality packaging. We stock round and square glass bottles and PET bottles for retailers. We can also supply form fill bags and a variety of food service packaging.

The private label process at Vanns Spices is customized for each customer. This allows us manufacture large and small orders. We have many years of experience creating labels and are happy to advise our customers through the process of creating a label.


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We work closely with our customers to collaboratively problem solve the production process and establish an important level of trust and transparency.

  1. Reduce inventory and capital costs
  2. Protection of proprietary ingredient lists
  3. Stringent quality
  4. Guaranteed product consistency
  5. Exact portion control packaging
  6. Ship directly to your facility or distributor


Vanns Spices operates in an SQF2000 certified facility with an audit score of "Excellent," the highest score possible within the SQF framework.

As an SQF certified facility, Vanns Spices implements strict good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and rigorous food safety and quality programs to ensure that our customers receive safe, consistent and high-quality products. Read more about our quality standards.