Vanns Spices has a long history of custom blending for a vast array of clientele. Customers often find that we can make their spice blend less expensively than if they had done it themselves.

custom blending bulk spices

We can create consistent products for you that will reduce your labor costs and allow for more efficient use of your time.

All proprietary recipes submitted are protected by a non-disclosure agreement and kept in strict confidence. Chefs and National retailers across the nation trust Vanns with their seasoning blends and so can you.

Most of our custom blend customers come to us with a recipe they own, however for those who do not have an exact recipe, we can create a new custom blend that suits your taste and needs.



  1. Quality
    Our fresh products deliver bolder, cleaner and more complex flavors.
  2. Consistency
    Less errors in production — resulting in a more consistent blend.
  3. Timesaver
    We make your blend so you can use your time and labor more effectively.
  4. Food Safety
    Your blend will be mixed and processed using the highest industry standards.
  5. Cost Control
    Take advantage of our volume, bulk product purchasing power.
  6. Low Minimums
    We can produce and package batches from 100 to 10,000+ lbs.


Contact us to begin a confidential conversation and receive a complete set of our custom blending guidelines.

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