Harissa Lamb Merguez Sausage

Homemade lamb sausage is made easy with the use of Vanns Harissa spice blend.

Harissa Lamb Merguez Sausage

"Homemade sausage" can be an intimidating term, but sausage doesn't always have to be hand-ground or stuffed into casings to be delicious. This lamb sausage is made up of ground lamb, flavored with Vanns Harissa and Aleppo-Style Chili Flakes, shaped into little patties, and pan fried for a crisp, juicy, savory sausage with just the right balance of warm, earthy spice and heat. Serve these with tabbouleh for a completely Middle Eastern-inspired meal, stuff into pita sandwiches, or use anywhere else you might use a lamb sausage.

Spices used in this recipe

Aleppo Style Chili Flakes
Salt, Kosher



  1. An hour before cooking, put the ground lamb out to allow it to come to room temperature.
  2. When meat is at room temperature, place in a medium bowl and use your hands to combine with the spices and salt, mixing until evenly distributed. Use your hands to form the mixture into twelve fairly even patties.
  3. Heat a large skillet, preferably cast iron, over medium high heat. When warm, add the olive oil and heat until shimmering. Depending on how big your skillet is, add the sausage patties in batches, being careful not to crowd the pan, as that can prevent good browning. Cook the patties for 3-4 minutes on the first side, until nicely browned. Flip and cook until browned on the other side, 3-4 more minutes.
  4. Arrange the patties on a serving platter and cook the remaining batches if necessary. Sprinkle with torn mint and cilantro leaves and serve with lemon wedges.

Serves 4-6 as an appetizer or small plate as part of a larger meal.

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