Our high quality spice line is perfect for grocery retailers. We offer a competitively priced line that has or exceeds the flavor and quality of the leading brands. In fact, our customers frequently compare our spices with other spice brands and we come out on top! Vanns brand spices are available nationally. Ask for them from your distributor or contact Vanns at 800-583-1693.

In addition, Vanns develops and produces private label lines for some of the most demanding retailers in the grocery trade. Many retailers come to us looking for a line of their own custom blend spices or blends to help them stand out from the competition.

Every spice has a season, and we can help you sell more spices around the right season. Not only do we help our customers plan ahead with reminders to order critical seasonal products, we also develop seasonal products especially for high end food stores.

We help many retailers, including custom designed products and packaging of seasonings for seasonal needs and special projects. Contact Vanns at 800-583-1693 to learn how we can assist you.

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